Guilt Remains

When a dying town is shocked by the brutal murder of its hometown hero, twelve strangers must set aside the routines of their ordinary lives to serve as jurors in the trial.

At first, the jurors seem like ordinary citizens just struggling to get by and find their way in the world. As details about their lives emerge, however, their capacity for objective judgment becomes obscured.

Can these law-abiding citizens bury the issues they’re dealing with in their own lives in order to fairly determine the fate of the accused? Or, will their own doubts and insecurities prevent them from passing judgment?

The darkness of human nature. Guilt and innocence. The hypocrisy of judgment. All of these themes collide in the lives of these ordinary people as they each seek to find the answer as to where the guilt remains.

Guilt Remains is my debut novel, and you can purchase it on by following this link or you can download the pdf of the proof copy here if you would like to read it for free.

Also, I feel compelled to issue a word of caution for those sensitive to explicit content: I pull no punches in revealing the darkness of humanity in this novel. There is a good bit of sexual content, violence, and vulgar language. So, you’ve been warned: reader discretion is advised.

Stay Curious,