20 Theology Podcasts for Christians Who Want to Broaden Their Faith

I’ve been really into theology podcasts lately. It seems like I’m adding a new podcast to my list every week. I follow many of the podcasters and interviewees on Twitter and, through them, keep stumbling across new shows that provide engaging discussions on faith and culture. I’ve actually gone on the web to look for lists, but I’ve come up short. So, although my list is still a work in progress, I figured I’d post one here. Who knows? Maybe some will find it useful…

A few of these are not necessarily “Christian,” but I think all of them are important for Christians to hear. Many of these shows contain conversations that the typical straight, white, American Christian is not accustomed to hearing. If that’s you, then I would especially encourage you to listen. We grow most fully when we are willing to expose ourselves to more diverse perspectives.

Because many of these defy categorization, I figured I would just list them in the order that I’ve discovered them. I’ll try to provide some basic details regarding the format, length, etc. of each–as well as some of favorite episodes. If you’re an avid podcast listener and think there is something missing from the list, please let me know. I’d be happy to add it. Okay, here goes…

Research on Religion

A podcast by a political science Professor Tony Gill discussing religion from a social science perspective. Gill interviews a range range of guests including historians, scientists, Bible scholars, and more.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): Nancy Ellen Abrams on Spirituality and Science

Twitter: @RoRCast

On Being with Krista Tippett

A podcast hosted by journalist and broadcaster Krista Tippett. In each episode, she interviews a wide variety of people from the sciences and humanities about the religious experiences and the role those experience have played in shaping them and their work.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 1 hour (1.5 hour extended version)

Favorite Episode(s): Finding God in All Things with James MartinRandomness and Choice with Leonard Mlodinow, Choosing Curiosity Over Fear with Elizabeth Gilbert, Who We Want to Become with Michelle Alexander

Twitter: @KristaTippet, @OnBeing

The Robcast

The podcast of former pastor and Christian motivational speaker Rob Bell. Occasionally, he interviews someone and they dialogue about a certain issue. Most often, though, the podcasts consists of unscripted monologues of Rob discussing a particular cultural issue or insight from scripture and/or theology.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: varies. Typically 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Pete Rollins on God Part 2, Wisdom Part 4: Life and Death and Vegetables, Wisdom Part 7: The Simple and the Subtle

Twitter: @RealRobBell

Homebrewed Christianity

A podcast hosted by PhD Theology candidate Tripp Fuller. The typical podcast features interviews from popular authors in progressive Christianity and some of the most notable theologians in academia. He uses the phrase “theology nerd” a lot.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): Elizabeth Johnson on Infinite Mystery and the Diverse Doxology of God, The Bishop of Humanism – Bart Campolo, Sally McFague on Loving God and the World

Twitter: @HomeBrewedXnty, @TrippFuller

The Liturgists Podcast

A podcast discussing issues in progressive Christianity as well as in the post-Christian world. Most episodes feature interviews with guests from a variety of background discussing their nuanced views on faith.

Frequency: Every three weeks

Typical Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Ableism with Ginny Owens, Spiritual Trauma, Christian Violence with Shane Claiborne

Twitter: @TheLiturgists

The Deconstructionists Podcast

A podcast hosted by John Williamson and Adam Narloch about wrestling with the Christian faith. The hosts interview a wide range of thinkers, activists, and theologians–most of whom are struggling to make sense of a faith that has been going through a process of deconstruction,

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 1 – 1.5 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Dr. Pete Enns; The Sin of Certainty, Sumbul Ali-Karamali; The Muslim Next Door, Diana Butler Bass; Grounded, Rob Bell; What is the Bible?

Twitter: @john_willi10, @adamnarloch, @deconstructcast

The Bible for Normal People

A podcast hosted by Bible Professor Pete Enns and former Philosophy Professor Jared Byas, interviewing Bible scholars and sometimes just talking among themselves about passages and themes in scripture.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 45 minutes  to 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): Walter Brueggemann: Resurrecting the Bible in the Mainline Church, Amy Levine: Jesus, Judaism, and Christianity, Daniel Kirk: Understanding the Human Jesus

Twitter: @PeteEnns, @JByas

Two Feminists Annotate the Bible

A podcast hosted by Jordan, a female Episcopal priest, and Luci, a high school religion teacher. Jordan and Luci are going through the entire Bible, reviewing the key passages and discussing the themes from a feminist perspective.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 45 minutes

Favorite Episode(s): 1 Samuel 21-25 (David and Jonathan), 2 Samuel 11-12 (David and Bathsheba), Note: I still need to go back and listen to the earlier episodes; I’ve only been on since 1 Samuel…

Twitter: @TwoFeminists, @GodWelcomesAll

Theology Live

A podcast hosted by Episcopal priest (who is also queer and African-American) Broderick Greer discussing theological issues relevant to the church and culture of today, specifically (though not always) pertaining to race and sexuality.

Frequency: Sporadic; weekly to semi-monthly

Typical Length: 30-45 minutes

Favorite Episode(s): #WhiteChurchQuiet with Reverend Andre Johnson

Twitter: @901Theology, @BroderickGreer

Lord Have Mercy

A podcast hosted by social justice activist and queer woman of color Crystal Cheatham. Crystal invites on people from a variety of perspectives to discuss their work in social justice, with a specific emphasis on the intersection of faith and LGBTQ issues.

Frequency: Sporadic

Typical Length: 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): Brandan Robertson and the Big Moody Bible Try and Fail, Yaz Nunez Remembers Pulse, Sexual Shame with Ryan Johnstone

Twitter: @CrystalCheatham

A Tiny Revolution with Kevin Garcia

A podcast hosted by gay Christian Kevin Garcia. Kevin interviews a broad range of people doing work in queer theology. In sharing parts of his personal story, he also discusses how LGBTQ people can thrive in a life of faith despite cultural roadblocks in the Christian church.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): Sin and Setting Shit on Fire with Austin Hartke, Activist Theology with Dr. Robyn, Emmy Kegler is Trying to Convert Me

Twitter: @TheKevinGarcia_

Ezer Uncaged

A podcast hosted by Lauren Larkin and Sarah Taras discussing the traditional roles of women in the church and how those expectations are changing as women break free from those expectations to reclaim Christianity on their own terms. Also, the show has the greatest tagline ever: “We are the woman that Pastors warned you about.”

Frequency: Sporadic

Typical Length: 1 to 1.5 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Unscripted and Uncaged: An Interview with Nate Sparks, The Confidence Gap, Female Sexuality and the Gospel

Twitter: @EzerUncaged, @LaurenRELarkin, @SarahTaras

The Thinking Atheist

A podcast by former Evangelical Christian and current freethinker activist Seth Andrews. Seth interviews other freethinker activist and also shares stories from ordinary people who have defected from religion. This podcast is often highly critical and even downright insulting of Christianity. It’s not a Christian podcast, but it’s a podcast Christians need to hear.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 30 minutes to 1.5 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Christianity Made Me Talk Like an Idiot, Letter to a Christian Spouse

Twitter: @ThinkingAtheist, @SethAndrewsTTA


A podcast hosted by gay Christian Matthias Roberts, in which the author interviews people from a variety of fields on various topics related to faith and queer sexuality.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): Jennifer Knapp, Robyn Henderson-Espinoza, Abi Robins

Twitter: @QueerologyPod, @MatthiasRoberts


A podcast hosted by Blake Chastain, interviewing a range of people from progressive Christian circles, theologians, authors, and people who have left fundamentalist Christianity to seek broader spiritual fulfillment.

Frequency: Every one to three weeks

Typical Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Interview with Samantha Field

Twitter: @ExvangelicalPod, @BRChastain

Holy Heretics

A podcast by two former Evangelical pastors (Scott and Jon), discussing provocative themes in Christianity and inviting guests on from theological and broader religious circles. The hosts take a progressive Christian perspective, rejecting fundamentalism but still claiming a nuanced version of faith.

Frequency: Every week

Typical Length: 1 hour

Favorite Episode(s): The Mosque Across the Street, Heretical Questions

Twitter: @HolyHeretics

Nomad Podcast

A podcast hosted by two guys navigating spiritual complexity in an increasingly secular world. Basically, this is the British version of many podcasts on this list (or, given that they’re well above 100 episodes, the other podcasts are the American versions of this one). The authors interview people from all sorts of circles on the ways in which they’re sticking with and/or moving away from faith.

Frequency: Every one to three weeks

Typical Length: 1.5 to 2 hours

Favorite Episode(s): Brian Zahnd: How to Deconstruct without Leaving Church,

Twitter: @NomadPodcast

Faith and Race Podcast

A podcast hosted by the United Methodist Church inviting Christians of color (first season) as well as other non-white Christians (second season) on to discuss the work they’re doing to bridge the racial divide in the American church.

Frequency: Every week (seasonal)

Typical Length: 30 minutes

Favorite Episode(s): Season 2 Episode 3: Kenneth Pruitt, Season 2 Episode 6: Karen Yang, Season 1 Episode 3: Dr. Leah Gunning Francis on Ferguson

Two Priests in a Pod

A podcast by Episcopal priests Geoff and Jimmy. A few episodes contain interviews with other other Christian thinkers and pastors, but most shows feature a dialogue between Geoff and Jimmy on a variety of theological and practical Christian issues.

Frequency: Weekly

Typical Length: 30 minutes

Favorite Episode(s): Rev. Jordan Ware (from Two Feminists Annotate the Bible)

Twitter: @PriestsInAPod

Faithfully Podcast

A podcast by Nicola Menzie–editor of Faithfully Magazine, a publication serving Christian communities of color. For each episode, she invites guests on to discuss issues at the intersection of race, culture, and faith.

Frequency: Monthly to semi-monthly

Typical Length: 30 minutes

Favorite Episode(s): How the CCM and Gospel Industries Can Fail Christian Rappers, Kathy Khang on Christians and Racial Reconciliation

Twitter: @FaithfullyMag, @NAMenzie


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2 Responses to 20 Theology Podcasts for Christians Who Want to Broaden Their Faith

  1. Steve Hurd says:

    A couple “On Being” episodes that I found particularly moving – David Isay (2008) of NPR’s Story Corps about storytelling and the art of listening. And a very recent episode with Cheryl Sandberg on resilience after personal loss. I see that Glenn Beck was recently on – that should be interesting!

    • I listened to all those. Story Corps is a really cool project. I’ve read some of Adam Grant’s (co-wrote the resilience book with Sandberg) organizational behavior research. He’s big in the business world. And the Glen Beck episode was actually surprising–didn’t sound like Beck at all.

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