The Curiosity Manifesto Audiobook: Free if You Want It

So, I want to make it blog-official. That little book I wrote in February 2014–I decided to make an audio recording of it. It’s no big deal–no great production. It’s just me sitting in my car on my lunch breaks reading into my iPhone. It isn’t professionally done or anything, but I am giving it away for free. So, if you choose to download and listen–all it’s costing you is a tiny bit of memory on your computer and about 3 hours that you’re probably also using to do something else, like driving or doing the dishes.

So, I why did I bother to do this? Well, frankly, I was just playing with my new iPhone 6s. I hadn’t upgraded phones in four years (iPhone 4s), and I noticed the sound quality was a lot better. I started making an audio recording one of my favorite books that I’d read recently, Principles of Christian Theology by John Macquarrie, because it’s somewhat of an obscure book and there is no audiobook available. I’d like to listen to it on my commutes, so I thought I’d just make my own personal audiobook.

Then, it occurred to me: I wrote a book. Why don’t I make an audio recording of it? Might as well. So, I did it. And I’m making it available to anyone who wants to read The Curiosity Manifesto in a different format–myself included. Actually, this is mostly for me. Yes, as pretentious as it may seem (okay, it doesn’t just seem pretentious, it is pretentious), I plan to listen to myself reading the book that I wrote on my drives to work.

It’s not because I love hearing myself talk (although I do, of course) or because I think that my writing is all that profound (although I’m somewhat of a literary genius). I’ll be listening to my own reading of my own book, because I want to continue to remind myself to live up to the principles by which I’m encouraging others to live. I want to remind myself to broaden my own interests. I want to remind myself to challenge my own beliefs. I want to remind myself to stay curious in my own life.

So, without further ado, you can click here to download the files from my dropbox.

The Curiosity Manifesto Audiobook Track Listing

Part One: Welcome to the Curious Life

  • 01: The Missing Keys (9:12)
  • 02: Live the Curious Life (6:55)
  • 03: The Three Punctuations (5:47)

Part Two: Broaden Your Interests

  • 04: Are You in School? (2:16)
  • 05: The Worship of Specialization (9:25)
  • 06: The Gorilla Problem (6:04)
  • 07: Keeping to the Status Quo (6:01)
  • 08: Navigating the Maze (9:39)
  • 09: Get Sidetracked (17:40)
  • 10: Seeing the Forest (6:07)

Part Three: Challenge Your Beliefs

  • 11; The Call to Arms (6:08)
  • 12: The Worship of Conviction (12:38)
  • 13: The Turkey Problem (11:35)
  • 14: Confirming Our Suspicions (15:43)
  • 15: Balancing the Scales (17:49)
  • 16: Be Wrong (9:58)
  • 17: More to the Story (11:35)

Part Four: Stay Curious

  • 18: The Sour Grapes (6:01)
  • 19: All We Have is Now (8:12)
  • 20: Curiosity and the Cat (3:16)



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Douglas E Rice is just a guy who likes to learn stuff.
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