Conversations in Curiosity: 9 Interviews on Why Curiosity Matters

Conversations in Curiosity Podcast

In March 2014, just after The Curiosity Manifesto was released, I started a podcast called Conversations in Curiosity. I had a goal to interview dozens of people from all sorts of backgrounds on how curiosity plays a role in their respective fields.

Needless to say, I was a little too ambitious–the podcast only last 9 episodes. I got wrapped up in some other things and the podcast sort of fell by the wayside. That being said, the 9 episodes I did manage to record are some fairly fascinating conversations. So, rather than let them fade into obscurity when my podcasting subscription expires in March 2015, I figured I would share the files with you here.

If you want to download an episode, just click “Listen to this episode,” and it’s all yours. Thanks for listening…and stay curious.

1) Molly Cantrell-Kraig on Women with Drive and the Role of Curiosity in Helping People

Molly is the founder of Women with Drive, a non-profit organization that provides automobiles to underprivileged women. We discuss the role curiosity plays in helping people and making the world a better place.

What has Molly been reading lately? 10 Poems to Change Your Life, Life’s Operational Manual, The Go-Giver, and I Was Blind But Now I See.

Listen to the Episode.

2) Angela Maiers on Classroom Habitudes and the Power of Curiosity in Education

Angela is an educational consultant who advises educators on cultivating passionate learning in students. We discuss her book Classroom Habitudes and the role curiosity plays in learning.

What has Angela been reading lately? Give and Take, Leading on Empty, and Wonder.

Listen to the Episode.

3) Brian Vickery of Mantis Technology Group on Big Data and the Rise of Social Media Monitoring in Business

Brian is a principal at Mantis Technology Group (recently purchased by ProKarma), a data analysis company that focuses on business intelligence, text analysis, and social media monitoring. We discuss the role curiosity plays in companies listening to how their brands and industries are being discussed on the Internet.

What has Brian been reading lately? Daniel Silva, Steve Berry, F. Paul Wilson, The Curiosity Manifesto, and Spin Sucks.

Listen to the Episode.

4) Gini Dietrich on Spin Sucks and How to Deal with Critics in Business

Gini is a public relations professional who writes a blog, Spin Sucks, as an attempt to change the perception of the PR industry. We discuss her new book by the same name as her blog and the role curiosity can play in companies responding to online criticism and managing their reputations.

What has Gini been reading lately? After Her.

Listen to the Episode.

5) Daniel Waldschmidt on Edgy Conversations and an Extreme Dedication to Learning

Dan is a business consultant who has written an inspiring, award-winning success blog for years. We discuss his new book EDGY Conversations and the role an extreme dedication to learning plays in achieving success.

What has Dan been reading lately? Unbroken and 500 Days.

Listen to the Episode.

6) Elinor Stutz on Hired! and How Being Curious Can Help You Get a Job

Elinor is a sales trainer and consultant who has authored Hired!, a book about using sales techniques to get a job. We discuss the role curiosity plays in navigating the hiring process and getting the job you want.

What has Elinor been reading lately? The Curiosity Manifesto, EDGY Conversations, Think and Grow Rich, and Money and Miracles.

Listen to the Episode.

7) Stan Phelps on the Goldfish Projects and How Successful Companies Engage Their Customers and Employees

Stan is a marketing consultant who focuses on improving the customer experience. We discuss Stan’s Goldfish books (Purple, Green, and Gold) and the role curiosity plays in helping business leaders better serve their employees and customers.

What has Stan been reading lately? The Human Brand.

Listen to the Episode.

8) Dale Morris on Graphic Design and the Role of Curiosity in Visual Art

Dale Morris is a graphic designer who focuses on work for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We discuss the role curiosity plays in creativity and the development of visual art.

What has Dale been reading lately? Phenomenology of Perception, How to Design for People, and Who I Am.

Listen to the Episode.

9) Ron Emery on the Role of Curiosity in Building Relationships

Ron is a business consultant who helps organization with supply chain and process management. Recently, he is the author of The Dysfunctional Organization. Ron is a personal friend and mentor of mine, and he is the absolute best networker I know. We discuss the role of curiosity in networking and building relationships.

What has Ron been reading lately? The Curiosity Manifesto and Traction.

Listen to the Episode.


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