18 Inspirational Quotes from Edgy Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt

Dan Waldschmidt Edgy Conversations Book with Boxing Gloves

I have been following Dan Waldschmidt since my earliest days on the web. His blog has served as an inspiration to me and thousands of others looking for ways to improve themselves–both personally and professionally. When I found out that he was writing a book, I got really excited.

A few weeks later, Dan sent a note out to his subscribers, asking if he could send them a gift. I took him up on the offer, thinking it might be the book. A few days later, I received an enormous package in the mail filled with all kinds of promo materials including a giant pair of boxing gloves. And the book was in there too. I thought all of this was really cool. And then I read the book…

EDGY Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt

You know that feeling when you build something up so much in your mind that it ends up being a letdown when you finally experience it? Well, this was NOT one of those times. Dan’s book is AMAZING.

EDGY Conversations is a book about experiencing greater personal success. But calling it a success book just somehow doesn’t cut it. Dan’s writing style is captivating, his ideas are explosive, and he is a fantastic storyteller. Here’s what I think separates his book from all the other “success” books out there.

EDGY Conversations is more:

  • Passionate. Every word of Dan’s book is dripping with emotional intensity. As you read, you get the sense that he is baring his soul–that the work is deeply personal. His use off vivid imagery and captivating storytelling makes you wonder whether you’re reading a self-help book or a novel. It’s truly gripping.
  • Provocative. Dan doesn’t only wax poetic. He pushes his readers to take action. He cajoles them to do challenging things for their own good. Some of his advice is quite counterintuitive, but all of it will shake you from your complacency and make you want to get moving.
  • Practical. Yes, Dan does give plenty of that fluffy, touchy-feely, inspirational advice, but he always follows up with tangible things you can do to implement it. At the end of almost every chapter are several tips for putting the ideas into action. Then, he provides a few huge lists containing dozens of simple ways to be “edgy.” This is definitely a book for doers.
  • Proven. For almost every point Dan makes about how to become a successful person, he has a story to tell. The book is packed with a sampling of case studies he presents out of the 1,000+ he compiled in his research. Dan doesn’t just tell you what to do and how to do it; he proves that it works by showing you that someone else has done it before. So, why can’t you?

For a sample of his amazing way with words, here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book. Click the “Tweet This” button to share the corresponding quote on Twitter:

  1. “Effort is the great equalizer.” (Tweet this)
  2. “Effort is simply you taking the next step. Again and again and again.” (Tweet this)
  3. “There is power in being wrong.” (Tweet this)
  4. “Make your life a laboratory.” (Tweet this)
  5. “A lot of life comes down to doing hard things when you least feel like it.” (Tweet this)
  6. “There are no sick days.” (Tweet this)
  7. “Success often has less to do with what we are willing to do than what we are willing to do without.” (Tweet this)
  8. “You will be whatever you are planning to be.” (Tweet this)
  9. “You’ll never lose by giving more.” (Tweet this)
  10. “We struggle with giving because we don’t take the time to think about how much we really have.” (Tweet this)
  11. “Much of your success in life hinges on your ability to understand people.” (Tweet this)
  12. “You might be the idiot you think other people are.” (Tweet this)
  13. “Each of us has a choice: to live in the shadows or to turn on the lights.” (Tweet this)
  14. “Fear is the beginning of mediocrity.” (Tweet this)
  15. “To love is to live with purpose and passion.” (Tweet this)
  16. “It’s never too late to do something amazing. It’s never too early to start trying.” (Tweet this)
  17. “Success is what you decide it is. Not what other people tell you it should be.” (Tweet this)
  18. “Success looks a lot like failure up until the moment you break through the finish line.” (Tweet this)

This is Not a Book Review

It’s a book PREVIEW. Now, go buy it. Seriously. You won’t regret it.

The Curiosity Manifesto: Investigate


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